Saturday, February 18, 2006

First time on an actual Blog

Boring long day today....
i had to go to Huntsville, AL to get my brother's friend for the long weekend.
I also went to check on our house, which is almost done thank GOD! I can not wait.
I am going scrapbooking tomorrow all day, I am so excited!


Sara said...

I am so happy that your house is almost done!! I want to go scrapbooking too!!

Chelle said...

Time to post your layouts! Did you have fun at Scrap It? I did for the most part, but I was exhausted.

Valerie Stevenson said...

Hey Jen,
Sounds fun. Hey a lil tip for scrapping supplies.. Michaels is having some 1.00 sales on stamps, etc.. Hopefully your brother appreciated your travels to get his friend..that was nice. You wanna recipe for a drink shake? You should just use Brian's gift..ha.. the frother..mixes well..ha..

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