Friday, January 23, 2009

She is walking!!

Finally my stubborn one is Walking! after Christmas she would walk about 5 feet. then during PT on one Thursday she would do about 10 ft, well the next Monday she just took off and I called to tell Adam that all morning she has not crawled she was walking all over the play room! that wed she started opening and closing doors! PT came that Thursday and was amazed that she started walking everywhere, even though her arms were up high but she was walking. She even walked backwards 5 steps for the PT and she turns around, walks in a circle, carries items while walking. such an amazing turn around in a short time! you just could not make her do it she had to do it on her own time. I will post a pic soon.

1 comment:

lori said...

Yeah! Good for her-Look out world her she comes!

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