Sunday, August 02, 2009

OK now Catch up AGAIN....I am about to turn the this Blog around!

I am going to give a big UPDATE!! No particular order! its been almost 3 months! I will have pics on here either in this post or another!

*We had a Great Soccer season! We really started to learn the game and do better as a team towards the end of the season!

*Austin after Soccer signed up for Flag Football with Daddy being the coach. It was a great season and he loved it even though he did not want to play defense!

* I am getting ready for 3 consignment sales!!

* Alexis Got Glasses for her Extropia, we are going to try this for 3 months. it has improved her speech, PT and OT so much!

* I am going to be an AUNT!! Adam's sister is having a Baby girl at the end of Sept!

*We got in a Car accident May 1st. that was not fun with 2 kids in the car!

* We went to Disney at the beginning of June and had a great time!

* We extended our garden this year. We LOVE IT!

* the Kids switched Gymnastics places, this one is so much better!

* Alexis is going to be having some Gentic testing done to see if she has a condition called 22Q. it has things to do with speech, heart, urinary tract, bowels and more.

* I became the president of my Moms Club here in Murfreesboro, i dont know if that is something to celbrate for or be sad about LOL!

* My good Friend's Daughter Allison needs prayers! she has a tumor on her eye. she is 4 years old!

* While in Fl we got to go to the Bucs Fan Fair day! AWESOME!! Can not wait until season starts. We are also going to the bucs V Titans Preseason Game Aug 15th.

* We went to Adam's Counsin Chris's Wedding Memorial Day weekend in AL. I just noticed that I lost all the reception pics when i transferred them to Disc to reformate my computer! I wanna cry!

* I chopped my hair off and love it!

* my baby brother graduated HS and is going to Tennessee Tech University in august in Cookville!

* Twins had thier program at MDO in May and they start back in September.

* I got to host a Ford American Idol party and have 2 ford Fusions here to test drive and prizes!

* we took madison on our way back from FL to the American Girl store to get her dolls hair Fixed.

* We have went several times to PT mallard in AL to play at the waterpark!

* we have had swim lessons! Madison can swim underwater with her eyes open to me with no life vest on.

Disney Pics will be a seperate post!

* We had a great BBQ on the 4th at our neighbors and the day after a great dinner with our AWESOME friends The Kirkpatrick's!

More pics to come~


kasandria said...

Hi there! I see you are from Murfreesboro! I'm not that far away! I live in Spring Hill and my husband actually is the manager at Olive Garden in the 'Boro.

Melanie said...

We need to get together soon! I'm babysitting today and tomorrow plus nursing a cold so maybe next week? Katherine is playing soccer with Onegoal by the way, I don't think I ever answered you! Are the twins playing fall soccer @ the Y?

Chelle said...

OMGsh give me some glasses and we could be twins. I have that exact pink polka dot night shirt and as you can see on my blog our hair is about the same.

Adria said...

Love the new hair!!!

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