Monday, May 15, 2006

This weekend

This weekend: lots of things to tell.
Friday I met Kristi Farrington out at Chuckie Cheese with her Twin girls who are 4. we Played as the place was almost all to ourselves. it was fun. Madison of course was scared of the Mouse. Austin wanted to get on the stage with him. We played ate pizza and enjoyed the day.
We got home and they took a good nap. We woke up and played. I took my brother to the mall after Adam got home for a shirt. Then Adam, My brother (Matthew) the kids, and I went to Lowes to get the supplies for my new scrapbook room. we went celebrate mothers day early at O'charleys. FUN

I got up got the kids fed and ready to go to my Grandmothers house in Fayetteville. We had fun playing. we stopped by my dads and played outside in the yard, nice day. He had a turtle and the kids wanted to grab it. We also went to look at his Cows. maddy wants to see them but not too close, however again Austin wants to be in the fence with them. seeing the pattern now..LOL
We had fun!! My grandmother is doing better. (DO not know why the pics at dads are showing up where they are... ) anyway..
We also got to see my cousins baby Carter now 6 mo old.
we left at 6 Adam and matt were almost done with my SB room! YEAH can not wait to see it! All I have to do is add my stuff and get my bookshelf and other carts and stuff up! I may add an island in the middle of the room if needed. ON the other side is an 8 Ft banquet table for the printers and scanners. we also have 2 computer desks for our computers and network. I will post the pic of the final product all organized. hopefully I get this done and I can get the rest of the house in order. See where the priorities are....LOL

Sunday I worked...
hope you all had a great day. I am glad to have my second Mothers day with my beautiful kiddos. We will take some photos together tomorrow. They were not dressed for pics today,...LOL DH dressed them....
here are some more pics of the weekend...



Hollye said...

What color did you end up painting your scrapbook room?

Maggie said...

HOLY CRAP.....that is one awesome scrap set-up. I am totally drooling....

Chelle said...

Ooooooh That looks so cool! Wow I'm JEALOUS!

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