Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sorry for the delay....

I have not been on here in which seems like forever. I would upload more pics but i have not downloaded them from my camera yet.
Lets see the recap as to what has been going on. Friday we had playdate with a girl at works Son who is a month younger. we went to Don Pablos for Lunch and back here to play.
Friday we went to dinner with my Mom and Jared to Cracker Barrell. Saturday we went to the mall to see Veggie Tales live with the kids and to get the pics taken with them. However they canceled the live performance and only did the meet and greet. Of course Austin loved it up close and Madison wanted them from a distance. we played in the Malls new play ground. Fun!! then we went to costco to get new phones ours were messing up.
Last saturday night i also went out for Moms night out with some friends which was fun got in way late because we went to waffle house late.. i had to go to work the next AM which was not very fun.

This week we hung around the house a lot. Madison now will say MOOOO MOOo like a cow..too cute. Austin is starting to throw less and less fits. he has responded well to Time out and so has Madison. even though the time out is only like 18 seconds or less. they get it. i am so glad! That is the displine i want to maintain.

I have also decided that I want to quit my job and watch kids in my home now. i really miss being around them everyday even though i have only been away 3 days from 7 to 4. it is hard. I miss them BAD. i am affraid i will miss out on something. and besides missing sunday football coming soon is not an option!
Madison is walking more steady. the therapist is still concerned with her hips a little as she side steps some and her hips and ankles are still weak.

I had one knee MRI today, i will go back next week for the other because it takes 58 min for each knee.

I promise to upload some pics soon.
I have started getting my SB room in order.

there is a great website i have posted my ad for kids in and if you have not been to this site before go there, i love it! click on the city you live in or near

have a great week!


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