Thursday, June 08, 2006


SOrry for not posting as often as I said and Planned.

Adam is back from his business trip to Portland, OR tonight. Now my mind can rest that is he is home. I worry so MUCH when he is on a plane or not near his family. Boy did I do a lot i mean a lot of praying these past few days. I am glad he is back. Not because I had the kids alone, but because I missed him.

We had a great time while he was gone, the kids did good all 3 days. We played outside, went for walks, swung on the swing set, went out to eat, ran errands, visited my mom.
They went to bed each night well. Ate well. napped well.
We have said some new words in the past few days. Madison: said Hot, cold, Cookie, Maddy , Toast, Austin ( more like aust), Yes, Dog. She has done a few new signs, Mommy, Daddy, Juice, Cookie, thank you , Good.
Austin said Maddy, Austin same as maddy said it., hot, dog, truck, car, walk, Play. He has also learned the same new signs as Madison.

Thursday We go to the mall with angela to find a dress. they kids did good we ate in the Mall. walked around. I got them some shorts and shirts on sale super cheap at Jcpenneys.

Last Friday I took them to the Smyrna Lib for toddler/infant story time. They had a blast! they sang songs, played with toys, ran around, watched puppets (of course Madison would not go too close). They learned the motions to Wheels on the Bus. It is so CUTE! Of course they love to do "if your Happy and you know it". We went with my friend Angela and her son Noah. Also met up with another twin mom from the twins club and her twin girls who are also 17 mo old.
I had to wake my kids up at 8 to get there by 9 and they were not happy. the rest of the day was bad because they were woken up when they were not ready. Austin did not want to leave the lib, we left and went to Mcdonalds for breakfast with angela. Austin could not get the food fast enough, that is so not like him, it usually Madison. he rarely cries and whines if he is hungry. Madison did not want to leave Mcdonalds for some reason. We go home for a Nap, Angela goes with us and lets Noah Nap. Austin napped for about hour and half, Madison and Austin napped for about 2 and half hours.

last Sat I went to Garage sales. I found a Little tykes easel with a chalk board on one side and a clip on the other side to hold paper for $3.oo. I also found some clothes almost new for madison, no luck for austin. I got them the Dora talking backpack and acces. for 4.00. Then we went to My dads mom's "Grandmammas" they had a birthday party for Pat and Cole. Kids played out side in the gravel and dirt and had a blast, my kids love to be outside and Madison loves DIRT!
We gave them a corn on the cob and I blew on and got it warm and i said to madison here you go. SHe grabbed it and said " HOT". She knew what Hot meant..!!
At first they would not even as much as look at my dad or be near him, then they warmed up. Some days they do that and others they are fine.
My cousins gf kids were with us all day and night. we watched them, they are 9 and 10.

Sunday I did not have to work YEAH> we went to Sams and the rest of the day we hung out here. We put together my bookshelf. Kids woke up at 11a. Adam got packed for his trip.

Here are some pics from the last post and some new ones. I have to get a pic of the swing set with the toddler swings on it. we removed two of them and added two toddler swings.
the other pics are of my cousins.

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