Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well we turned 18 months! I will post some pics tomorrow or so on that. I can not believe they are a year and a half? Where did that time go

I have a lot to hooray about! One being on Wednesday I went to the Ortho and he did not agree with the report from the MRI's he said the films do not really show a meniscus tear, only no cartlidge(sp) under either of my kneecaps. WHICH is great because no surgery only meds to help rebuild the cartlidge (sp). He also gave me a cortisone (sp?) Shot in the right knee. He did say we need to watch that knee because the meniscus could have a very very slight tear or just real stained like. Anyways he said be careful with it. He also gave me some exercises for the cartlidge. GOOD NEWS!

Second is that I have two kids to start watching (hopefully all goes well) but I am confident that they are a go. One is a 9 mo old and one is a 7 mo old. One boy and one girl. Like having twins again. I think it will be fun!

Wed night we went to eat at Golden Corral and we were very disappointed. We have been there a dozen times and never had this experience it was GROSS!

Today I went to see my grandmother in Fayetteville. She had my cousin Carter today. SO the kids played with him some (he is 8 mo).Madison wanted his bottle of juice so bad and did not want her sippy cup of milk. It has been over 8 mo since she had a bottle. Who knows.
They had fun playing and dancing and showing off.

We had dinner at captain D's cause daddy was in closing week (accounting) and did not leave work until 8p. We ate inside, and Austin was a jibber jabber tonight. He talked the entire time we were in there and not talking quietly at all. It was fun....Really it was. He also said Meemaw (mmm aww) on the way home.
Fun two days....wonder what tomorrow has in is our anniversary tomorrow my mom will be watching the kids tomorrow night for us.


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Hollye said...

I tried to call you yesterday while I was in M'boro to see if you and the kiddos wanted to meet for lunch, but I couldn't find your number and it must be unlisted!

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