Thursday, June 08, 2006


I just have some random thoughts to tell today:
Madison today said eat, cookie, bite, sweet, good girl, Ouch
Austin: just is talking his normal words along with some other words that no one knows what he says but Madison does.

We went to chickfila after Mrs Kristie came over. They got to see their daddy for the first time today since he left Monday AM.

I am offically going to be watching kids here mon to thurs 10a to 7p YEAH no more going to work away from my kids 2 days a week!!! Starting July 5th.

I am going to post some old pics of the kids on here. I was lookin at them on the computer the other day and can not believe they were ever 3lbs 7 oz and 3 lbs 12 oz... WOW where has the time gone to.

I am planning a Super Suppers party if anyone locally is interested in going and making meals for their family. See the website

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