Friday, June 09, 2006

Saw this on Amber McDonalds Blog

Copy and paste into your own, complete the phrase, and post me a comment if you do it! Can't wait to see your answers!

I AM: a mother 2 two beautiful Kids

I WANT: the best for my family and esp my KIDS

I HAVE: a perfect husband and 2 great kids

I WISH: happiness, world peace, Cure for everything

I HATE: Liars, ignorance, and criminals

I MISS: my aunt Cindy, my Step mom Barbara, and my Grandmother In Law Granny Wez

I HEAR: my babies sleeping and breathing on the monitor and Adam snoring

I WONDER: what my kids will be when they grow up

I REGRET: mmm cant think

I AM NOT: a person to stay by my self for a long time.

I DANCE: only in front of my kids and do not want to see

I SING: in the car or alone too bad to let anyone else hear

I CRY: when I am sad or happy!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy go lucky...but most of the time


I WRITE: a lot i journal everyday

I CONFUSE: myself sometimes and others too because i talk too fast and can not get out what i am saying sometimes

I NEED: Save more money, work out, cook more, clean more, and just have FUN

I SHOULD: exercise more, eat healthier all the time not just some.

I START: something and it takes me a while to finish it...

I FINISH: with the last word

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amber said...

awesome! this would make a great scrapbook page! :)

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