Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have a BIG talker now

I am so amazed that all of a sudden Madison is copying every word I say. She says Meemaw, Ashlei (ash-hee) (my cousin), Laura, Jess, Toot toot, night night, wuv you, grandma (ganma), Poppy, Papa, Pawpaw, Matt, chicken (chen hen), broccoli, cheese, diaper, lotion, water, wet, cold, potty, stink....the list goes on. She will try to say anything. these are the words you can make out when she copies. She also is doing this funny face now. I need to get a pic of it.

Austin tries hard to say things sometimes but has no interest, he does his own thing. He jibbers a lot! Sounds like the Sims Language.
Him and Madison of course talk their own Twin lang still to each other.

Adam and I got all the broken down boxes and trash out of the garage tonight. We called for large item pick up ( you only get one after you move in).

I am trying to think of something for Adam for fathers day. I had something in mind to make him but that will not get done my SB room is not even done yet. Plus our anniversary is coming up.

I got some pics of my friends girl who was my Flower girl in my wedding at the age of 2! WOW has she grown up I can not believe it! I will put them here.

I have so much to do lately!
I called and got some contractors to come out. First is Thurs at 6. I have to see the chiro tomorrow, and he will have the results of my really bad knee. I am not sure I want to know. I need to call and schedule my pedicure that Adam got me for Valentines day. I need to cont getting my house in order. I called and got the kids 18 mo check up changed since it is on the day I work. I have it for the 28th now instead of 19th. Oh well. I hope Madison does not get an ear infection after these shots. Every shot she has gotten since 9 mo she has gotten an ear infection from. The dr said her son did the same thing. She says it is common. I hate it when they are sick at such a young age, luckily we have not been that sick! Thank GOD!

I am so excited about watching kids at home! I can not wait.
I was at lunch today and I was sitting near a mom and her 2 yr old and I got real sad that I was not with my kids. It mad me really see how I miss them and want to be with them every day (well most days LOL).

I went to Old time pottery yesterday and got some great deals. I will post pics later of that.

that is all for now!


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Chelle said...

Ok maybe I should keep on reading, but what did you finally decide to do to go back to work? How many days do you work?

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