Saturday, June 10, 2006

A lazy Day

I just wanted to Veg today. We sort of did...
I wanted to go to story time today but i could not force myself to wake my sleeping children at 8:15a. They woke up finally at 9:20a.

We hung around the house playing until I had to go to the bank and get my brother so he could watch them for a few hours while I went to have my other MRI for my other Knee.

We had the ins adjuster come back to add something they forgot and explain what all needs to be replaced.

We also had our coffee table FINALLY delivered and they brought the bolts they left off our guest bed.

My MRI was not fun, i had to lay on a hard table for 35 min plus perfectly still after waiting 2 hours and 15 min in the waiting room!!

Madison was so cute today, she was copying me: I hollered for Nellie to come here and madison said "Nelhee", then I did it again to see if that was what she was saying. I then started saying other names and she copied too: Mommy, Daddy, Maddy, Aushen(austin), Nana, Papa, pawpaw, Meeaww(meemaw). It was so CUTE.

I took some pics of them today, they just looked so cute.

My brother and Adam said Austin looked Gay..I and other women disagree. I will add the pics here tomorrow.

I cont' organizing my scraproom tonight.

Good night

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