Saturday, June 17, 2006

WOW What a day

My day started very WELL. I was FINALLY able to go get my half hour sweedish massage and Pedicure that Adam gave me for Valentines Day. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
The pedicure was a great job done but a little uncomfy sitting in the chair they had not the traditional chairs. Now the Massage was to die for from head to toe! I was in love.

Then i got home got the family and we went to the murfreesboro's TWIN club summer party. Kids ate and played on the playground. Not many people there but it was fun and very HOT.

We deceided to go to the Patterson Park indoor pool area to swim in the kiddy pool and play area waterfalls. The KIDS had a BLAST. Mommy and DAddy had fun. We bought them a float you sit in so they can not fall or anything.
The kiddy area is 2 ft with a big play fort area with tunnel slide and waterfalls, squirting water every where, tire swing, you name it. The adult area had a lap pool and a big twisty slide. I did not get pics because two adults two kids. no one to take pics.. i will get some next time somehow. We went to logans for dinner after and then went home to put two tired kids (20 min nap all day) to bed at 7:30p.


Now here is what has be going on since last post.

I got my Knee results on Tuesday. I have a torn in the Mensicus(sp?) in my rt knee and of course no cartlidge under knee cap. I have to see a ortho surgeon on Wed.

I offically quit my job. The last straw broke! I can not afford to pay my brother as my mom took the summer off.. and I was getting an uncomfy feeling at work the last two days when the Boss was being very unprofessionaly cursing at the employees and begin very RUDE to all. Very uncalled for.

We had quotes done on the house.

Wednesday i just hung around the house and had to wake the kids up at 11 AM. they were still sleeping. they went to bed the night before at 9.

I went Thursday to Adams work for Lunch and his co workers wanted to see them. they have not seen them since they were 12 mo old. I also went to pick up a seesaw little tikes whale for the kids from another twin mom. I then went to see my mom and she watched them while i went to khols to look for a swim suit and fathers day gift (no luck on either). I am not paying 80 for a suit. CRAZY. I then went to Kroger. I went home to meet a contractor. Adam came home and we got the kids from Moms and went to Party City to get stuff for his work party. Sounds like fun huh?!

Friday I did not do anything but play with the kids. My friend from Work Angela her son is a month younger than mine, she came over to bring Noah for me to watch while her and her DH went to a Wedding rehersal they are photographing. We had him from 3 to 8. He is a very laid back child. Much like madison in ways and austin in others.

I finally took some pics of the house so here they are. I will be taking inside pics soon.

Austin does this cute, funny face and says "Baby" in a diff voice like Adam and it is so CUTE.

Friday night madison laid in her crib saying "Ashee, ashee" over and over and "daddy" for about 10 min before she finally went to sleep.

That is all for now.
Here are some pics of the kids from today at the Summer event.


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Chelle said...

Wow you had a lot to say! I'm trying to remember everything I wanted to comment on.

1. Ouch....your knee
2. Where did you get the massage?
3. That massage sounds heavenly! How much was it? I know it was a gift, but I'm sure you know.
4.What is the contractor for?
5. Your house looks nice.
6. Isn't it great when the kids start talking and singing?

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