Saturday, July 01, 2006

Has it really be over a week since last Blog....

Wow where do I begin. I may break this up into several post for different items so you may see several posts on the same day....

Lets see Friday June 23rd was our 5 year anniversary. I made reservations for Maggianos Italian in Nashville and we went and saw the movie Click it was so FUNNY. My mom had the kids for the night.

Adam got off at 1:30 on Friday. WE got the kids ready and packed. I took the car by Nissan only for them to tell me to bring it back on wed night. We met with the mom of the 7 month old for her son to start on Monday. It went very well. We left for our Date. Maggianos was GREEAT lots and lots of food and leftovers. The movie was great. We got home and I vacuumed the stairs since no kids at night. We did some other house work too like vacuum the play room under every toy! And we cleaned it up.

Saturday we got up and got the kids from my moms. Played with them. I went with my friend Angela to the Lebanon outlet mall. I found lots of deals! I will definitely being going back, the Gap was the best deal!
I came home and we all went to Sams as we were out of a lot of stuff. Came home ate, took baths and kids went to bed. We cleaned more on the house. (still trying to get all moved in and organized)

Sunday, got up and went to church. We had a good time the kids cried for the first time when we dropped them off, but as soon as we were out of sight and they saw toys all was good. We picked them up and they were crawling in the tunnel mats as we got there and maddy was pushing Austin through. He was laughing. SO cute.

We hung around the house. Did the yard while they slept and cleaned out the other kid bedroom and did some in the office scrapbook room. Last two rooms to be done! Yeah!

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