Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random things from the 4th to the 8th

It was a boring week but here are some random things that have been going on.

* Went to a POTAO meeting on Thursday...Fun stuff! We did live and learn basically round table small groups just asking questions and sharing things. Really good FUN!

* Wednesday Adams Family went home.

* Austin came down with a fever on Thursday afternoon. I believe it is teeth! No other symptoms. Madison had a clear runny nose and sneezing like her daddy was doing, Allergies!

* Friday Night we hung around the house.

* Saturday my mom came over to watch them while Adam and I mowed the yard. We went to walmart.

* Tuesday I went all over MURFREESBORO searching for the sandals like Austin has for Madison in size 5 Pink. No one had them! I finally got some pink Timberlands sandals instead. I also got 2 4th of July shirts from Khols for them to wear.

* Madison is walking much better still turning her foot in and stumbling due to her hips. In a few months you will never know a diff according to the PT.

* We are going to be taking swim lessons at the beginning of August.

* I am still working on the office/SB room!! GRR almost there!

* I took my van in for more work, they half way fixed it! I am so frustrated.! I love my van but hate all the stupid little things that go wrong,. I have even contacted Nissan and they sent me to the BBB autoline to file a Complaint even maybe a Lemon law complaint!

* Madison is still talking up a storm!

Here is an old pic to look at! Wow I can not believe they were that little!

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