Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Friday!

Today was good day. Jayden got here at 11:40. Kids got up at 9:15. I was up cause I though Jay was going to be here at 8. Oh well!

My mom came over for lunch to see the kids.

Adam got here at 5:30. I had to leave to go to Super Suppers in Franklin. To make meals! LOVE this PLACE! Adam likes it and the kids eat it too.

Adams mom, grandpa, and sister came today. I was not here when they arrived.
Adam showed them the house and they fed and played with the kids.

They are here until wed. We are going to go to I think downtown riverfront for the 4th. That will be fun!

Happy Friday!
It is late time for bed!
I will post some pics in the next post before bed!

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