Saturday, July 01, 2006

First week!

Well Monday started my first week of Babysitting "baby Jayden". The 7 month old little boy. All was great kids did better as the week went on. First day they got upset if he cried or fussed, wanted his bottle, little rough with him (nothing bad). Jayden was a little clingy on Tuesday and was hard to get down for a nap he wanted to be held while he slept. That is a NO no for me even my own kids.

Tuesday I met with the other prospect Mom and dad and their daughter. She is 9 mo old and will possibly start Aug when school is back in.
she was cute and will play well with my two since she is a little older (11 mo in aug).

No work on Wed Jayden is not here on wed. I will do a diff post on my Wed.

Thursday is the long day he is here from 11:30 to 8:45p. He started fully crawlin on all fours today. That was hard to tell his mom that and she missed that. She almost cried. I know that is hard to hear. He is a strong kid. He pulls to standing. He has a hard time going to sleep on his own at nap wants to be held while he sleeps.

Friday went well. I will make another post on this too.

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