Monday, July 03, 2006

First of 3 Fourth of July Celebrations!

Today we went to Church. Adams Grandad came with us. I hope he enjoyed it like we did, he is "old School" and likes the "traditional" services instead of the contemporary ones we go to. Kids had fun. I love the little things they make and that are in the diaper bag in the end! LOVE IT!

We went to walmart to get lunch. Then went home to eat and kids and I Napped.

We got up and went to my Grandmothers house for a 4th of July party BBQ. Wow the food was great! My Cousins BF cooked on the big BBQ pit(took 12 hours to cook) we had GREEAT AWESOME BBQ, he did awesome. Adams mom made deviled eggs and peach cobbler to take and boy was it GOOD! We had all kinds of other good food.

Kids ran and played and played. Austin found two cars to play with and my aunt bought them 2 balls to play with. They went and looked at the Cows. I have some pics I am putting here from it. I love Madisons Shorts she has on too cute!

We left got home and got ready for bed.

What a fun Day!


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