Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fourth of JULY Downtown WOW

We went downtown Nashville to the Music City Spectacular. We left at 3 got there at 4. There was no spots on the lawn so we were above that on the concrete. The website stated no backpacks, no coolers, not high chairs. Well everyone one had all the above, we left the cooler and the chairs, brought a backpack because it is the diaper bag. I wish I would have just brought the chairs! It was so HOT!! They had a concert, kids zone for older ones with the big bounce houses and stuff. My kids did not want to stay in the stroller at our spot nor on the blanketed area. So we had to walk them around in the wagon or the stroller to keep them busy until 9 when the fireworks started. We end up going to the spaghetti warehouse to eat to keep them occupied for a few hours. It was good!

I looked up online how to photograph with my dig SLR the fireworks. I brought my tripod. I set my settings in Bulb mode on manual mode and focus. I set the shutter speed on a longer one. It was trial and error since I could not see the fireworks beginning to go off. For the first time I think it did great despite the light pole, line and tree in the way. I just keep varying the shutter speed from long to short. I got some great shots. I will post a few here. I took over 350 pics!

The kids absolutely loved the fireworks! People there were so RUDE trying to walk over our blankets. The walk way was in front of us and behind but they wanted to walk on us! Some where not even watching that we had kids there and almost hit them a few times. Others spilt our tea all over the wagon sitting area and us! GRRR

There were over 100,000 people there! We got home after 11p. The kids were so exhausted!

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