Saturday, July 01, 2006

18 Month Check up!

Well on Wed 28 we had our 18 mo check up at the peds office.
We got there at 10. Saw the doc and left at 12.

She is so AWESOME!

Madison weighs 23 lbs and 5 oz and is 31 1/2 in. All is good, her soft spot is almost complete but the dr said she will probably always have an indention there and we know her thyroid is good so no medical reason why there is a little indention. Just the way her head will be, once all the hair is there you will never know, not that you can see it now just feel it. Other than that she is growing great barely a percentile below in weight and above in height.

Austin weighs 25 lbs and 13 oz and 32 in. All is good for him. I asked about his flat feet as the PT wanted me to. She said that he could see a foot Dr but that he would most likely just get shoe orthodics and that I would be changing them all the time with new ones as his feet grow. And that maybe we should wait. I agree. It is hereditary as I have VERY flat feet, my dad does too. I may see a foot doc one day.
I told her that I have Austins Surgery set for Sept 1st the Friday before labor day.
I will be praying about this until it is done with! I hope I do not back out of getting it done.

NO Shots today, we do not go back until 2!

the kids screamed while being checked out! I guess being restrained and being handed to another person other than MOM!

We left went got wendys and went home. I then went to bank and then to get the changing table to take to the TRIPLET mom who just had her babies. Then we came home and ate dinner and met daddy.

FUN day!


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