Thursday, July 13, 2006

The newest things!

* My 19 month old Daughter learned how to climb out of her crib Sunday AM! She did not fall either she hung on to the rails and wiggled down!
We Only had one more notch to lower her crib to. I do not get the crib tents until the end of the month! Hopefully she will stay in until then. Austin has short legs no hope for him right now on climbing out.

* Austin and Madison learned a new sign this week "Please"!

* Madison says the sounds to cow, dog, cat, chicken, duck, monkey, lamb, horse. and for pig she tries to "Snort" it is so CUTE.

* Austin does all the sounds but he says "go go go" for dog...LOL. He does not do the monkey yet.

* Austin now says Please Maddy says "peas" for please...

* we Played in the sprinkler thing we bought. Kids love the water

*it was his teeth, no more fever as of Saturday.

* I found some of my old friends on my MYSPACE, some located me. That is neat to see what they are doing.

* The kids have learned to do ring around the roses and love it, just laugh. Austin says "ring, ring, ring" as he does it.

* Madison loves to sing "twinkle little star" she just loves to sing she tries so hard to say all the words in this little sweet low high pitch voice. Too darn cute!

* Austin was really grumpy yesterday and today...Do not know what that is all about.

* my mom finally won a bid on a house!

* I took my Van in today after many complaints to the Manager and the New Service Manager. I have a rental CAR...FORD (piece of CRAP) Taurus. It was heck getting those two LARGE car seats in. I have to watch getting the kids in because you can hit the heads on the top. They can touch the roof when they streech their arms! Yes it SUCKS. Hopefully they fix my VAN fast! I see why I have a VAN now! I was going complain like I did last time they had my Van and get another VAN from the lot and not the rental place since I have large carseats and a double stroller and lots of stuff for 2 kids. But since they should only have it for 2 days I thought I will deal.

*That is all I am trying to update more that just once a week,. Because it is hard to remember all the stuff!

Lets see what pic I can put here! A cute kissing pic!


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