Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dentist Appt

August 16th we went to the Dentist for our 6 mo check up. We get in the room and the dental Hygentist does Austin first. He screams and madison stands back and watches. I thought she would cry too. He did not fight too much. He must have chipped off a layer of one of his front two teeth. No big deal they say since that will be one of the first two he will lose. Other than that he is doing good, he may have a crowding issue when adult teeth come in. Right now he is cutting two of his Incisor teeth. He is done. Now Madison's turn.
She gets up there and no big deal lays there, opens when they say open, still and not a peep! I was in shock and amazed! Austin kept saying "Sissy" over and over. When she was done she still just laid there until I got her up. Now the Dr comes in. Both sort of cried austin more than madison. Her teeth are fine. She will have some extra room for her adult teeth.

We got a prize and rode the horse a couple more times and played some. Then we left and got lunch and went and ate at Costco with Nana. Then home and NAP!

I had no kids today so we were able to make this appt for today.

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