Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I am Back

Yes I know I was going to come back the next day and talk about what we have been saying and accomplishing. But I have been so exhausted I can not even think straight. So here I go with that then I will update tonight about what all has been going on in our world lately.

Austin: Is starting to talk a lot more some new words are : Thank (for thank you), Apples, Hot dog (for the Mickey Mouse Club house song), Please (all the time if he wants something and he signs it at the same time), Madison, Mouse, Noddy (TV show), Boots, Car, Truck, Plane, sissy, Hot (for everything he thinks is Hot), Dora (dor), sings "Hey Jude", night night, Hiney, he is really into saying BYE, book, Nana, medicine, Cracker, Bops(for the doodlebops), Stairs, Paci, Nellie( sounds like Nel-eee), and Ashee. Those are the ones my mind can think of right now.

Madison: Of course she is still talking more and more! and she will repeat any word you ask her too, sometimes you can not understand it but you know she is saying it. She is pretty good and saying most of them right. her's are : Welcome, Bops, Boots, Dora, Apples, Potty, Diapee, good girl, bubby, Austin, Madison, Ava, Plane, swing, slide, ashee, sissy, noddy, hot dog, thank you, toes, hiney( for her But and she points to it), dance, she tries to sing twinkle twinkle, love, Nellie, work, book, please, bottle, Monkey, medicine, elmo, tigger, roo, big bird, shirt, and carter (sounds like Carker).

Now the things we are doing new:

Austin: He will pretend to sing anything a lot of the time he sings with his eyes closed and moves his head back and forth. He dances to the hot dog song a lot. He loves his Match Box cars I got him he lines them up in the window seal, on his ramp red light thing, he play with them all the time. He can do the sound of a cow, chicken, horse, pig, dog, cat, monkey, sheep, duck, Bear, tiger, and Mickey mouse ( however that is Hot dog song). He likes to pretend he is reading the books. He jabbers some non sense that only I guess Madison knows what he means because she responds or goes to him. He can walk down the stairs one handed and and use his other hand on the rail or wall or not. He likes to draw on the magna doodle, or with a crayon or sidewalk chalk. He loves making the sound of a car, truck. He also now will do the train sound CHoo Choo and use his arm like he is pulling the whistle. He can recognize a few letters like T, D, B, A, C, Z. He loves the letter T. He gives hugs (love) and now will kiss with a pucker not open.
Oh and he loves to eat Tomatoes! He calls grapes Balls. He loves to Climb! He knows all his body parts including the leg, arm, hiney, knee, Shoulders, tongue, and more. He still snaps his fingers. If he see someone getting a dirty diaper changed or he has one he says Shoooo and makes a face and shakes his head. he signs help,

Madison: She is a hoot! she is her Daddy made over. Adam has her doing George Bush, which is she shrugs and bounces her shoulders up and squints her eyes. She sings Korn with the rough voice like adam and says "are you READY" (sounds like a monster in a way). When she says cookies monster she says it like he does in a rough monster voice. She sings "Hey jude" too. She loves to read books! She knows all her body parts like austin. she winks, she tries to snap too. She tries to jump. She loves to Climb. She also knows the alphabet letters like austin too. she does the car sound like Austin. They both can start the ABC song with A, B.
Can start counting 1, 2. She loves to eat cucumbers and lettuce. She signs smart, and help. She says all the animal sounds and in addition she does tigger by saying whooowhoo (like tigger does) and she shakes her shoulders at at same time.

I think that is all , they do new things every day! Sorry no pictures.

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