Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh, the 3's!

We have had some hard times here with these three year olds!

We moved them to toddler beds about a month ago. We do good to stay in them most days. But its getting them to be quite to go to sleep. We have tried everything!

Also during the day the screaming, fighting, not listening is driving us crazy. I broke down on Thursday last week. I felt so out of control.

after talking to my mom and Adam. We are changing things here!!!!

I am going to make better efforts to not give in to his screaming, put him in his room until he stop screaming not just the 3 minutes. I am not going to intervene in on the fights between him and Madison unless it gets violent. I am going to be more consistent on if i tell either one no for doing something wrong, i am only going to do that 3 times and on the 3rd its time out in the room!

Madison is giving attitude a lot! she was good during the 2's and Austin was bad at 2's and somewhat bad at 3's. Madison's problem is screaming at me, getting things off the counters, and getting into things she is not suppose to. She is also very independent. Austin is head strong, impatient, hard time sharing, saying words i font like him to say, won't listen, and acting very wild at times.

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Stephanie said...

oh girl, bless your heart. I don't know why they say terrible two's when it is cleary terrible three's. i feel ya though, Cameron just turned three and he is still in his crib. I am not putting him in the toddler bed until I feel that he will stay in it. And that is not right now, while we are working on potty training. oh the joy!!

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