Monday, March 03, 2008


Alexis's UTI did not grow over the 2 days, so they wanted us to come in on our 1 yr check up and do blood work and more urine work up.

we went Feb 21st and gave blood, but they could not get urine from her. we also had our 1 year shots. Of course she was not very happy at all.

I talked to the dr abour several things, one her urine issue, which we will more than likely see the urologist.

She said not to worry about her small size. She did gain 6 oz in a week, nad she is up 1 in since her 9 month check up.

she said to keep nursing her and give whole milk when i am not around or anytime i like. Or suplement whole milk with breastmilk if i want. So I am sort of weaning her. I am very sad about that! I love the bonding we have and she gets so excited to nurse! plus that means my baby is growin up!

she noticed something about her when i mentioned that she has a hand perference, and I even told the PT lady about it. She said it looks like she has a palsy from birth like a trama, different from Cerebral palsy. She said to keep an eye on it during therapy if it does not get better or no change we will then see a nurologist.

I got a call about the results from the ultrasound and the renal test. the renal test was fine but the ultrasound showed an old UTI. so We have an apt with the Urologist april 14th. YES april 14th! I am on the list in case a cancelation comes up.

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