Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh the doctor!

Wednesday as I was changing Alexis's diaper that morning I opened it up to a diaper full of what looked like pinkish red koolaid! After much thought I calmly called the dr. I got in that afternoon, I took the diaper with me. She was checked out by the dr so far so good. But we had to do a cath to get urine because that defiantly blood in her urine in her diaper. The test came back with a UTI which is very uncommon under 2. So we are waiting our 2 day wait to see if it does grow to a UTI, if so we will have a ultrasound and other test with Dye in her with a scan done. If no UTI the dr said that is a whole different ballgame. She seems to think there is a "plumbing" issue in which causes the small size. I don't know what exactly she means by this. They will check it all out of course. she said no matter what we will see a urologist at vandy. Austin saw one and had surgery by one at vandy, we will go back to him of course.

Some background Alexis is still small and has a hard time gaining weight (but so did Madison as well) she did loose a whole pound a month ago due to several virus bugs. she also is a very laid back, lazy, happy ,content baby. She has just now gotten use to her belly. She hates it even to lay on you asleep on her stomach. she also just loves to sit, lay and play and watch the twins. she knows how to roll but will not really continue to roll to go places.

My Mother is worried she has Neuroblastoma (my cousins little girl had it). she thinks she has it because she is not crawling, walking, not gaining a lot of weight (weighs 15lbs), stays constipated (all my kids have that issue), and the UTI.
So of course that has me scared

The culture came back with no UTI, and all other numbers came back good so now they want us to repeat it and do blood work when we go thursday for our 1 year check up. WE will see what happens from there.

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