Friday, February 01, 2008

Lazy Ali

Oh Alexis!

She is such a laid back, lazy child! She is the "typical" 3rd child syndrome. she gets handed everything to her no need for her to work for it. She is a very content child. she has no care to roll and roll or crawl. so we had her evaluated for early intervention she got in. SO we had the PT eval today. She of course got in with one day a week therapy.

The therapist said they see this A LOT with siblings, the other siblings give them things that at our out of reach so no need to work for it. Plus she loves to lay, sit and play and watch the twins act crazy!

She has weaker muscles because she hated her stomach until recently even will not sleep on your chest on her belly! since the stomach muscles development first then legs, then arms then hands. so she has no desire to push up, crawl, pull up, stand etc.

Alexis also already prefers to use her left hand, but will use her right as well just not her preference.

She also may develop later the same hyperflexable joints like Madison. (Austin has it a little , I have it too)

She said it should not take Alexis long to catch up at all.

another issue is that she wants to be near me all the time.

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