Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wow has it really been that long....updates

Well I knew I had been busy but I did not realize it has been 1/2 a month since i last blogged.

Well lets see what we have been up to since then:

* Alexis gets sick again, we thought she had ate something and had an allergic reaction but come to find out on MLK day adam took her to the Dr and she had an infection that causes vomiting and double ear infections along with a mild rash. She has really had this since DEC 3rd, the antibiotics we were on before never cleared it so we got a stronger one this time! thank God!

* Adam, Austin and I got food posioning from one of our fave mexican places by adams work. Adam got it the worst, missed a day of work.

* I have been to the gym 4 days a week!! Lovin it!

* We have made some changes here the kids have moved to Big beds! well we took one side off the crib for now, until we get twin beds. we have done good as far as stayin in the bed but not good being quite. We had to move them back into the same room becuase we needed the dresser in a seperate room so it had to go to Alexis's room. Naps are the hardest.

* austin is doing great day time with the potty, we just need to get the nap and night down.

*We also took the twins out of the high chairs and into booster seats at the table. they love it!

* i have applied at the Olive Garden that is to be opening in the boro Feb 25th.

* My mom took the twins one at a time to Meemaws with her to stay a few days. They did great away from each other and with Nana. Of course to spend time with Meemaw.

* My mom had to have another heart stint. She had pain and was sent to the ER and then transported to St thomas from Fayetteville because Mboro was full. she had a 99% blockage one of her artery.

* My meemaw is doing much better gained 11 lbs, had another scan and it showed the cancer in her adomonen was not growing may have even shrunk, her liver had some more spots nothing large. they said that the cancer was not as agressive as they had thought. so we are praying for her to be able to take the chemo again.

* My Cousin Amy is PREGNANT!! She is Due sept 7th i think. I am so excited!!!

* I am about 20 pages from finishing my book!

I think that is all if I think of more I will update again.

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