Thursday, January 10, 2008

more sickness!

OK I am so over being sick in the household!

Jan 2nd I went to the Dr for a bad cough and ear ache. Come to find out I had bronchitis and I bust a blood vessel in my ear from coughing hard. So i got an antibiotic shot, antibiotic pills, cough meds and ear drops!

Madison, Austin started coughing and clear runny nose. no fever until later. but it was 99 fever.

Then Adam and Alexis started coughing. Then Alexis started with a 99 temp.

So today (9th) I took Austin to the dr because he keep complaining of his ear hurting even when i check the temp in that ear. he has never done that before.

So while there i had them listen to Alexis and look at her ears.
So Austin has 2 ear infections one was red and the other she said was "snotty". so antibiotic for that.

Then she looked at Maddy's ears and it was all good.

Alexis has one ear infection and her chest sounded yucky so cont breathing treatments and she gave her antibiotic and a cough steroid meds.

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