Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas Eve morning we had breakfast at meemaws, Adam had to work until 12. We had fun at meemaws! I am just so thankful she is here with us. We had a good breakfast and fun! After meemaws we went to Jared's mom and dads so they could give the kids their gifts. After we went home I had to pick up one more gift before going to church to serve in the nursery and then attend a service. we leave church at about 9 pm. we go home eat dinner get the kids in bed before Santa comes.

Adam and I cont to wrap the gifts and get in bed.

I get up Christmas morning before the kids and go get video tape for the camera before they wake up. Nana and Pawpaw come over for Christmas to watch the kids open gifts.

they come down and are very excited that Santa came! we opened gifts from Santa, Nana/pawpaw and from Mommy and daddy.

We played for a bit then we head to Fayetteville to Grandmammas for Xmas dinner. The kids played and had so much fun.
Madison started dropping her pants in front of all the kids in the living room thinking it was funny! that girl!

here are some things we got this year
Madison: American girl Bitty baby crib, twin time dollhouse, rooms for the house, Dora knows your name phone, princess clothes, pjs, sleeping beauty shoes, sleeping beauty doll, ornament, baby dolls, bedding for crib, aqua doodle mat, purse, jewelry, coloring easel set, broom,Jessie doll, dress up clothes, jasmine dolls, cash register, candy,money,flashlight, and more.
Birthday: Kitchen, dolls, books, dress up clothes, mermaid mini doll, clothes, princess laptop,piano, sleeping beauty doll and carriage,webkin dog, coloring stuff, paint stuff, and money
Austin: trains, Diego knows your name phone, football, broom, shoes, clothes, aqua doodle mat, cars, coloring easel set, dress up train conductor, candy, money, buzz doll, woody, magna doodle,spider man laptop, ornament and more.
Birthday:Thomas Laptop, train set, train table, books, cars, Money, paint stuff, coloring stuff, webkin dog,piano and more

Alexis: clothes, shoes, vtech phone, FP phone, roll ball, tmx Elmo, mirror toy, car seat toy, doll, books, piano thing, keys, rattles, Eeyore, Elmo glowworm thing,ornament, curious George doll, and more

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