Thursday, January 10, 2008

misc stuff around here

Dec 15th we went to Whitney's birthday party at Grandmammas. We had to go without Adam because he had to work. We had fun!

My meemaw is getting stronger and hopefully will be strong enough to take Chemo to get rid of the cancer! I hope so and pray she does!

Adam and I volunteered to wrap presents at the mall for the church.

I made the design team at the scrapbook store here called Paper Candy.

I have had more problems with my Van. I had the tie rod replaced for 200 dollars. My cruise control got stuck while driving and could not get it to brake without putting it in neutral. I also had the fuel tank act up again.

I have hired a lawyer in suing Nissan on my Van being a Lemon. I do not pay them until i get paid. i found out that my Van is the 2nd most lemon vehicle for 05's on the road!

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