Thursday, January 10, 2008

i am back

Wow has a lot happened since I last blogged.

I will do some individual posts on the big things. Here are some small things.

Austin is finally starting Potty training! We started this Jan 1st. I told him he was too big for diapers. He actually did not give me any trouble with it, which showed more even more that he was ready but being stubborn before. He is actually doing pretty good. Not as easy as Madison but better than i expected.
He has a problem (which i heard is a boy thing) with not wanting to sit and pee it all out, he tinkles a little and then up and then back a lil later for more. He also has a hard time pulling up his pants, good with getting them down. He has a hard time with pants with buttons.

We are having football withdraw this week, as it is getting closer to end of all football games.

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