Thursday, February 07, 2008

misc things going on

We are still going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I am sore from a power lifting class i took. Adam is getting compliments at work that it looks like he is losing weight. sometimes i feel like i am and sometimes not so much. but my goal right now is to just get in shape to gear up to start weight watchers full force and loose weight.

We had some storms here on Super Tuesday that kept me glued to the TV until 3a until it passed us. Others however were not as lucky, keep those people in TN and other states in your prayers!

Did you all go Vote? We diD! I took all 3 kids with me NO STROLLERS! So I dont want to hear any excuses from anyone that did not vote because they had no time or kids with them! blah blah, you do what you have to do. No complaining about who is running in the end or even wins if you dont vote!

I am looking for dance and karate schools for the kids. I have narrowed it down between two Karate schools i think. Dance is whole other issue!

I think that is it!

****spell check is not working and I am in a hurry to check over every letter!

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