Thursday, February 07, 2008

GRRR more Van issues

I was out all day on Tuesday and in the evening i was coming home to let them go potty and grab some stuff for my meeting. I was headed to meet adam in Nashville.
I get in the driveway turn off the car come back turn it on and nothing nothing! weird things started happening the dashboard lights started flashing, a odd clicking sound started coming from the sterring wheel area, then i pull the key out and light still flashing and the interior overhead lights turn orange. then a hissing loud whistle sound comes from the same area as the clicking. we get out I call my brother until adam gets home. he comes looks at it and notices that where the fuse box area is it is HISSING loudly and whistling. I read about this van having shorts causing fires. I called my dad and described it to him and he said a short that caused the battery to die all of a sudden is what he said it sounds like. my brother takes the battery to Auto place and the battery is in deed dead! But i am still scared to drive the darn thing from things i have read about the shorts.

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