Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alexis Update

Here is what has been going on with Alexis.

We had her procedure May 22nd. Her urinary/bladder all that was fine. What the "indentation" was, was her being highly constipated and impacted. yes she is just like the other 2 constipated. we keep them on meds but not daily as they do go just sometimes they get backed up. All my kids like Milk, cheese, and bananas the foods that will constipate you...LOL

We had a 15 mo check up she is now 20 lbs 6 oz she is 30 in tall.
she was not worried that she will not crawl on all fours yet nor stand since we were getting therapy. but if by 18 mo she was not standing to cruise then she would do leg xrays for rickets. but she was almost positive she did not have it.


On sunday we saw her crawl on all fours on the hardwood. I think she could do that for a while but she could go faster by Combat crawling. she will crawl on all fours on the carpet but when she wants something fast she will combat crawl.

I took pics but I will post those later after i download them.

She gives you open mouth kisses when you ask for a kiss, so sweet.
she copies some sounds but not the ones she should be but that is fine since she is learning to walk and stuff.

We started her on Cloth Diapers yesterday. so far so good.

She does not like you to tell her no!
She is a little piggy, she eats anything we are eating and lots of it.
also when you say dancing baby she will bounce dance! so stinking cute!

here is a pic of her, I will post the recent one soon!

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