Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fourth of July

We went to GA for the 4th.
We left thursday night at 6p got there at 1:30a our time due to an hour delay of traffic! Kids finally went to sleep after dinner and were asleep until we got there. YEAH!

We got up the next morning and went to Lola and Joes for the day. we saw a BIG snake. I almost walked right on it. it was a Very long huge, black chicken snake. I was freaked! Joe finally killed it.
the kids went on the golf cart, the paddle boat and much more!
they the most fun throwing the nuts from the trees that fell in to the lake!
I have pics to load and show later.

We ate hot dogs and hamburgers. we shot the fireworks off over the lake that we had bought in TN before we got to GA. it was fun. Alexis did not want any part of it.

The twins enjoyed the sparklers and did very well with them. they also like throwing the those pop things down on the concrete.

Saturday we got up and ate then went to see Tim, laura, and Emily at the bozemans. Madison and Austin had fun playing with Emily! she had a DS and they loved that and they brought thier Leapsters over and they all played together. emily also had a scooter they loved playing with outside sharing!

We went back to adams parents house and Lola, joe, came over, nad megan and her baby Jordana and we had dinner.

Sunday we got up and Aunt Pam and brian came over to see us and so did Cousin Jeremy. we hung out and played. We packed up and headed out about 3p our time. we got home at 9:30 after a delay south of atlanta with rain people driving so slow!

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