Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When will people start listening what a mother has to say about her child? Mothers know their children better than others!!

I have been saying for over 3 months if not more that Alexis needed speech therapy evaluation.
I kept getting from TEIS "we don't do evals for speech until 18 mo" I was so fed up because i know from others that they have kids or know kids younger or same age getting therapy for speech. So i fought with TEIS, and went to the director of TEIS and asked where this 18m rule was in the handbook. she said its not that they base all evals on each child, meaning there is not 18 m rule, if your child needs it at 5 mo or 13 mo they can get it.

DONT MESS with a MOM!!

Not until after the cord came to get the paper work started for this did she realize how delayed in speech she was! NO CRAP i told you she is 17m (well i told her before 17 mo) and she says no words, no letter sounds, she copies other mouth sounds and tries to say letter sounds by moving her mouth but no sound.

she FINALLY had an eval done today! Even the therapist said when she got the eval that they normally do not do evals this young! but after doing the eval she saw exactly what i was talking about in the delay! She scored on a 7 mo level in adaptive speech and 7 mo in expressive and overall 5mo!!!!! she will get ST 2 x's a week.

WOW maybe people should listen to a mother!

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