Monday, August 04, 2008

things could be better...

Around here things are the same pretty much except one thing...we are still recovering from being under the weather..I am right now horse (sp?) after I have coughed so much that I am losing my voice...grrr what if i lose it and i can not communicate with my kids during the day. I have not lost my voice since having kids. Boy would that be hard!

I have some pics to post soon of the First Friday nights concert we went to on the square in the boro Friday. It was sponsored by our church this month. it was Christian music night. OH was it AWESOME!!

We also did some tax free shopping over the weekend for back to school (mothers day out for the kids) and fall wardrobe.

I have a prayer request for a friend of mines Mom she has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer she has had 3 rounds of chemo already. she has pretty much been good with the normal side effects. Until this weekend she had to go the ER for fever, it turns out she has a staph infection, so pray she will heal quickly. also pray for her healing as We have an AWESOME God that will heal her. she is a still working when she can so pray she has the strength to continue with that.
I have

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