Thursday, August 28, 2008

When it Rains....

We finally got some RAIN!

Along with rain outside came some rain inside so to speak...when it rains it pours!

Alexis has chicken pox!

we woke up to get ready to go and I noticed Alexis has CHICKEN POX! we were just at the dr on Tuesday, all three kids had allergies and we got meds for it. nothing bad!
Alexis had a diaper rash but i thought it was from her disposable diaper that the nursery at the Y put on her, she is allergic that is why i use cloth diapers. But apparently its not from that. she at the blisters in her mouth, nose, stomach, hands, feet, between her toes, bottom, genitals, and knees. She has a rash in other places. She will not eat much.

I am not sure where we got it from. We got the vaccine but all that does it lessen the symptoms if you get it, it can not guarantee you don't get it.

I on the other had have NEVER had them! of course the twins have not either. i had a blood test done when i was preg with her and it confirmed i have never had it. I have never had a vaccine either. SO i am PRAYING that i do not get it!

We go back to the Dr tomorrow for our 18m check up and now this too!

We also have Adam's Parents and grand dad in town. so that will help a lot when i take her to the Dr tomorrow.


Nik said...

Jennifer - I so hope you don't get the chicken pox! YIKES! I got them at 12 and my sister was 14, and let's just say it wasn't pretty. I'll be hoping for you all that the rest of you don't get them!

Chelle said...

AY! AY! AY! How are you feeling today? Oh I hope you guys don't get them! Poor Alexis!

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