Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The funny things and cute things kids say!

Lately we have had some funny conversations and funny comments made around here. I feel like i need a tape recorder with me all the time.

Sunday madison is in the car on the way home from Church on her Princess Cell phone. she is calling Nana.
here is her conversation from what I can remember...
"Nana, how are you..mmm huh oh no why is your dog not eating..oh I am good I had a sucker today...oh mmmmhuh Come see me..oh really aww that is good...

She kept going and going...too funny!

Today after school in the car Madison says "Mommy can I say a prayer?" I said sure honey say it.
"Dear Jesus, thank you for my sucker, thank you for bubby's Gum and thank you for Ali, and Nana to get better Amen"

It was so sweet!!

Yesterday they were making food in the Play kitchen and Madison said here mommy I made you some sushi and here is the sauce you dip it in...LOL It was so CUTE!

Austin told me today that corn makes Popcorn. I just love how they just come up with stuff and figure things out on their own.

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