Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Alexis is almost walking. Of course she wanted to do it on her own and not you "trying" to get her to.
On Saturday she was sitting in this booster seat in the living room that Lori brought over and she just stood up and took 4 steps right there.
She now is trying so hard to walk, the PT was so amazed that in less than a week what she has accomplished.

She also has said "mama" on last Thursday. She will also snap her fingers while dancing!! so cute!

She also started clicking her tongue which is so good for her speech!

I am so excited at all the progress she is making!

I hope she is fully walking by Christmas!

Oh and I never knew how much of a thumb sucker she is until watching her at school today she kept going for her thumb in between activities and such. now i see her do it all the time!

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