Friday, December 19, 2008

Has it really been that long

I did not realize until tonight that I had not posted a post in DECEMBER!! that is how crazy this month has been! I will do a catch up post and hopefully get a couple more in this month.

We went to GA for thanksgiving. Will show some pics.

Adam and I went to Atlanta last weekend to see the Bucs play Atlanta. We stayed with his aunt Cindy and My mom keep the kids at my house sat night and sunday. We also picked up loft bunkbeds that Cindy, oh so graciouly gave us! Thank you a million cindy!!
I will do a seperate post of the game details since i have pics to go with that. We got there last Sat night and left sunday evening.

Before leaving for Atlanta we we to Whitney's (my cousins) birthday party.
That friday the twins woke up throwing up. only friday thats it, then just would not eat well until Monday. Well then Tuesday night Madison's Eye was bloodshot looking. but thats it. She went to school tuesday and then I got called so I took her to the Dr and she has an ear infection and pink eye (which was caused by the viral stomach bug she had) then the eye caused ear infection. Fun stuff! So far austin is fine.

Alexis signs eat, please, more, milk, want, all done and says mama, dada, nana, outside, hot, ava. she kinda says thank you, ho ho ho. She is so close to walking by herself. she needs to just let go!
She climbs a lot. She loves Wow Wow Wubzy and yo gabba gabba.

We have the twins birthday party coming up on Saturday. Wow I can not believe they will be 4 ! holy Cow! We are having it at the bouncy place in Murfreesboro. Bounce U. That morning we will see Miss Pattycake at church! so exciting!!!!

We are going to Ga for Xmas the day after Xmas day.

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