Friday, December 19, 2008

The twins will be 4!!

Since they are turning 4 Saturday I thought I would write here some things that they are doing and document some things they have said to me that have made me laugh or realize how grown up they are getting.

Austin: He is getting much better (behavior) and coming out of those horrible 3's. he Loves to draw, color, pretend, loves gymnastics. he says he has a girlfriend, it is this little girl at Gymnastics named Morgan. He has a great memory! He can draw all kinds of things, he can write a lot of the letters, numbers, he recognizes all the letters, numbers, colors, shapes (even hard ones!).
He loves to show his muscles to you. He will randomly tell you he loves you and give you a kiss or hug. he does not like to cuddle like Madison does.

he says he wants a skateboard from Santa (but he is ER bills here) he also wants cars, trains
here are some things he has said recently

Mom: Hurry get in the Car, its sleeting Ice is falling on us.
Austin: ok i will I don't want to turn in to a Popsicle.
Mom: yup that rights no Popsicles.

Austin: mom what does purple make?
mom: what do you mean?
Austin: how do you make purple?
Mom: red and blue make purple
austin: and orange?
Mom: red and yellow
Austin: Yellow?
mOm: yellow
Austin: i can't make orange because I can't make yellow .

Madison: I want lots of babies for xmas
austin: no sissy you cant have lots of babies only one baby because lots of babies makes a mess!

she is my little drama queen, attitude. but is a very sweet "little mommy", big helper.
She loves her babies and has only asked Santa for a baby doll and a stroller.
She loves dance! Princesses are still the thing.
She is not a big of a artist that Austin is but she can write letters, numbers, she colors in the lines, she can recognize colors, shapes, letters, numbers.
She is a very loving and sweet child, loves kisses, hugs and to cuddle with you.
Oh she wants to be a Dr so she can take care of Nana and Pawpaw Dodge!

Sharing is getting better, the whining is a little better. The stuff they are learning about God, Jesus and the Bible in school and church is amazing!

I know there are a ton of more things they are saying and doing but it is hard to think of it all. this is why i like to update more often...LOL

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