Thursday, February 05, 2009


Either its just that time of month that is making me so frustrated easier or its totally the situation.

I can not name names nor the actual situation but i will go around about it. This is my personal blog to write what I want right?

There is a situation that has just come up that has me so over the "volunteering", non paid position i hold!

I can not STAND a controlling person when I am hired or appointed to do a job! just let me do the job i was asked or hired to do with out someone telling me EXACTLY what words to use or actions to take.
If you want to control that bad do the job yourself!

Another thing I can not take is CADDY women and "Cliques".

I try to get along with everyone, but when I try to talk to certain people even though some of them I may not be "BFF's" with they ask as if I am not as good as they are, or like they are too good to have a civil conversation with me or someone that is not in their little "snob" clique.

I am sorry if I don't dress in designer clothes (i don't like buying clothes for me I am a plain jane jeans and tshirt gal), or I don't drive a "luxury" vehicle, wear loads of makeup, make my hair all "foo fooey", or talk your talk.

I am a down to earth person who does dress my kids in NICE clothes, drives a Mini van, will do anything for a friend, "plain jane", I don't like to wear makeup, but I am a good friend!

I hate phoney people, 2faced, gossiping caddy women!

when I have an idea or thought these "women" brush it off but when the "cliquey" ones say the same idea it is all of a sudden a MAGICAL best idea they have ever heard!

I am sorry but MY FAMILY comes first! I will put them before anyone or anything!

I am thankful for those friends I do have that understand this crazy post! you know who you are! I will DO anything for a loyal friend!

Writing this makes me so emotional because I feel I have never befriended anyone, I have never not talked to someone or acted stuck up because the other person has less money, drives a different vehicle than me, or is just different than I am.

This is what's wrong with some of the kids these days is that some adults are too quick to "judge" the outside before looking inside of the person or even trying to get to know the person first!

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Nik said...

sorry you are having such a crappy day. I think we've all felt this way for some reason or another and just wanted to tell you I'm sorry for whatever caused this.

How are Alexi's eyes doing? We just got done with Aryne's second surgery.

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