Saturday, May 03, 2008

Disney 08

We left for Florida Friday April 18th. We drove till south Ga and got a hotel room. woke up ate breakfast and then drove the rest of the way. we get to our room unload, then go to Downtown Disney as we can walk one block to it, and we played in the water fountains shooting out of the ground. We looked at the shops. Madison was in HEAVEN with all the Princess stuff. Austin loved the pirate stuff. We ate at Benigans coming in town and then Chevys for dinner.

Sunday We went to meet Laura and family at MGM for a few. We went to the little mermaid show all together, the kids loved playing with each other. they had to leave, but we saw the Beauty and Beast show, we watched the Pixars parade Block Party,Play House Disney Live, then we went onto Magic Kingdom, Madison saw the Dream with Mickey on stage in front of the castle, and she was estactic with the princesses on stage,Austin slept..LOL. We rode the space ride, the Buzz ride, we did the Mickeys Philharmagic show, That night we had the Dinner with the princesses at Epcot. After the appetizer part and the main entree comes Madison falls asleep eating her pasta, she is in her sleeping beauty costume. So she is asleep in the high chair with her head on the table. everyone said oh look at sleeping beauty.. thank fully she saw all the princesses come to the table before we ate. she was in heaven. Austin just wanted Jasmine to see him..LOL We ate while she slept. Service was awful.

Monday we headed to Universals Islands of Adventure. Austin saw spider man! We were about 1 in too short to ride that and a couple other rides through out the park. they did get to ride unicorns, one fish two fish, cat in the hat, the railway in the sky ride (not sure the name right now), carousal, and played in the If i ran the zoo. We met up with my friend Mindy. That night we ate at crazy buffet in north Orlando, not as good as it use to be.

Tuesday we head to MGM(Hollywood Studios) again for a few then to Magic Kingdom. We met with the Monsters first but Madison wanted nothing i mean nothing to do with them. She told Daddy to go move go while we were seeing the monsters, sully kept backing Austin back and back into a corner playing with him, it was cute. We then went to see Mater but again Madison nothing to do with him. Then to see incrediables and Mickey Mouse. We all were ok with them. After we went to Magic Kingdom rode teacups. We drove the cars at the track and Madison drove me and Alexis and Austin drove Adam. Madison was a crazy driver, adam said she might have almost been the first person to jump the track. LOL

Wednesday we headed to Universal Studios we did the shrek ride, Terminator, ET, Woodys rollercoaster. almost rode the technical rehearsal part of the simpsons new ride. We saw Dora, then we saw shrek and donkey. Madison did not want to see shrek and donkey. Donkey talked it was cool! they played in curious George's play house and ball factory, it was lots of WET fun!! We had to leave to go eat and then head to Magic Kingdom for the after hours Pirate and Princess Party. We ate at Red Lobster. We got there just as the Parade was coming around the front entrance we had a great spot for the parade. It was the best parade I have ever seen at Disney, Madison was scared with the pirates and villains came around. But oh so happy when the princesses and peter pan came around. We rode several rides like Dumbo, small world, peter pan. They loved them all! We got to the hotel very late that night.

Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom after we had breakfast with Characters in our hotel Goofy and Pluto showed up Alexis was scared! We went on the safari they both loved it. we did the bugs show all like it except Madison was a little scared, Alexis went to sleep. we loved the Nemo musical show!
We actually were able to ride the river rapids! Austin and I did not get wet, Madison and the person in her seat with her got wet, Adam sat with Alexis because she was too small to ride. they were not big enough for the Dino rides. we watched the lion king show and liked it. Adam and I rode the new Mt Everest and enjoyed it! We were able to ride the triceratops ride. We ate dinner with my friend Mindy and her BF at cheesecake factory.

Friday we went to the Beach in Tampa area. We went to Fort De soto park beach. The sand was great and the water was nice. the wind was blowing pretty good but it was not bad. Alexis just wanted to get off the towels and she ate handfuls of sand! We took pics with the tripod on the beach as a family. it was good! We ate dinner that night at longhorn. we had to go back and pack because we had to leave early to get back for the visitation on sat for Meemaws Funeral.

We left at 4am sat.

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