Saturday, May 03, 2008

Man I am a slacker....

A lot has been going on since I last blogged. Oh where shall I begin....

We went on Vacation to FL to Disney at the end of April. I will make that a separate post.

While we were there My meemaw passed on to Heaven with Jesus! I will also make that a separate post.

Adam accepted a new job!!! AMEN! He will be starting May 5th but he will be in Clearwater Fl for 2 weeks for training. It was sad to leave Kroger but we need more money! Plus its a little closer to home.

Alexis went to the urologist after having some testing done at the hospital a renal test and ultrasound. nothing showed except what was like debris like an infection in the urinary tract. the urologist was not concerned about that, he saw on his own ultrasound he did was an "indention" in the bladder. He wants to do a test that he has to put her under for where he will use a light scope up through the urethra. that will take place on May 22nd.

I had our Twins club consignment sale for the spring. I sold 350 dollars worth! I also bought the kids clothes for summer. Plus we got 2 toddler beds.

My cousin Amy is having a GIRL...Macy Gray. I hope i spelled it like she is going to.

Work is going well.

I am the Homeowner association president of our neighborhood...How the heck did i agree to that...LOL

I fell at target the Friday of the sale and hurt my knee bad!

We started sticker charts for the kids for behavior and it is actually working better that other things we have done.

I chopped my Hair off!!!! I will post a pic. My friend Jana did it and did an amazing job!! best hair cut i have had!

Alexis is almost fully crawling, not backwards, or combat but actually almost crawling. its so cute to watch!
We had to lower her crib because I went in there today and she was sitting up and I was affraid she would pull up and flip over.

I think that is all for now. I will post if i think of more.

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