Friday, May 30, 2008

R.I.P. Meemaw 4-23-08

We got the call while on vacation in Fl Wednesday night that My meemaw was back in the hospital for a UTI and dehydration. My mom fought with hospice to get her to the hospital because of fever and the fact that she was sick with an infection. that was that morning. at 7p my mom called to tell me she was in the hospital being treated for her infection and she was going home and returning to the hospital the next day. I felt ok about it. well at 10 my mom called back saying she as gone! her body could not handle the infection any more. she shut down, all the other family members were there because they were called back there at like 8 or so saying she was not going to make it thought the night.
I could not believe it!
Mom thinks meemaw knew she was going home to heaven that night before and that day because she was consistently hugging my mom and telling her she loved her.
I know she is cured now in Heaven with Jesus!

It was so hard to tell my kids, I told them the night before we left so they could still enjoy their Disney Vacation.
When I said Meemaw has died,Madison's first words were "WHY" Oh was that hard or what! I explained it to her. she said "meemaws better now" I said yes! She also would say meemaws in heaven with Jesus now. later that day she was in the Van and said "mommy I am not big anymore" I said why not, she said "because i can not reach my meemaw anymore". How sad, I told her meemaw was watching her and she now she is in heaven with Jesus now.

The services were beautiful like meemaw would have liked them but yet simple. during the part at the grave Austin kept saying open it back up I want to see meemaw. that was hard.

I am still very lost without her and it has not sunk in yet.

I really feel for my poppy! he is going to be so lost without her!

I have pics of her I will put up later.

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