Friday, September 08, 2006

The Big Day! August 25th!

Today is the day!
Austin woke up in a good mood. Despite being woke up. We got there at 8:00 at Vanderbilt childrens hospital. They had a great play area for the kids to wait in and play before being taken back. Meemaw came with us. Adams parents did not want to get up that early to leave for the hospital. we left at 6:45.

We got called back after about an hour. Austin was weighed. It was 28 lbs. He then went to pre op to get changed into a hospital pj set. He got to ride in crazy coupe cars and played and played. He then got some tylenol and Versed to calm him for when they come and take him to the OR. He looked drunk. He still cried some when they took him but once he did not see us he stopped. We went to the waiting room they took him at 10:00 and said it would take a total of an hour. We went to the food court and I got subway I was starved and it was either that or taco bell at 10 am!

We went and got a Magazine and then went back to the waiting area. They called us with in 15 min. We went to another room to wait to hear from the Dr. He did not come they just called us with in another 15 min to the recovery area.

He was in the arms of a nurse. I saw him and got him. He was not happy at all he did not know where he was and upset. He kept throwing his arms, kicking, and arching his head and back.
they gave him more versed and then a little more. He still would not calm down. He wanted the IV out but he had to drink some first. His first sip he moaned MMMM YUM.... Poor baby!

After they got the orders to take the IV out he was much happier with it out! We got him dressed and talked to the Dr.

Dr said all went great. He will be bruised, red and swollen for about a month. He sees him back in a month. We are to take the bandage off on Sunday.
Oh and I have the full understanding of what hypospadius (sp) surgery is basically his urethra is pointed the wrong way so they fixed it. He said it all even the minor circumcision fix will look perfect when all is healed.

He got home and he slept all the way home and got home and we ate some soup, grapes and bananas. He can not have any grease or cheesy for 24 hours. He still walked a little drunk.

I had to finish organizing the clothes to take to the sale today at 4. We were tagging up until 2:30am or so.
I left at 3 got ash and went to the sale to set up and shop, and help work my part.

About Madison,
She has asked for "Bubby" All day. Pretending to call him on the phone and all! Poor thing wants her brother. Austin is asking too for his "sissy".
He took a nap and after he woke up daddy was going to go get Madison from name's.

They all went to Ryan's so austin could have some Veggies and non greasy food. They said he PIGGED out, he kept eating and eating. Madison ate good too.

I got home at 9. I got 4 presents for xmas for them at the sale, I got Madison a Disney Talking princess Kitchen for $20! Got some car ramp thing for austin. and 2 other gifts.
I also got all the winter clothes minus shoes. No halloween costume either.
I got the new baby a new pack and play for 15 and a high chair for 25. I also got the kids some wooden puzzles and books for now.

What a day!

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