Friday, September 08, 2006

My surgery Update

I went on August 23rd to have a circles (sp?) . I was suppose to be at the hospital at 8 and have surgery at 10:30. My grandmother came in to be there and help with the kids. We got there and I am in my room getting Iv's and more blood drawn. The Anatheiasologist comes in and says you can not have General because you are allergic to so much and your pregnant. So I will have to have an Epidural. However he ARGUED with me from 9:00 to 1:45 that He would bet money that I was not nor anyone in my family allergic to Morphine and codeine! I am allergic to more than those two ( all narcotics) but almost everyone in my family (moms side) is allergic to Morphine and codeine! He wanted to have records from all my previous surgeries. But I could not think of any of the Dr's previous besides my last one C-section. So he got my Cesection report, and it proved to him that I did not have any narcotics and so he gave me a Marcaine/lidocaine epidural. My mom had to come get my grandmother and kids since it was taking forever and adam could not do a half day at work. SO FINALLY at 2:15 I had the procedure done. All went well, my DR and the anastheiaolgist asst sat and talked to me the whole time. He is such a nice and through dr.
All was complete in 25 minutes. I was in recovery COMPLAINING ( and before that too) I was Hungry I had not had anything to eat or drink since midnight. It is now almost 3p! So normally they do not give food in recovery but they brought me a tray with chicken strips, grilled cheese, salad, cake, and fries! I was starved!

I left at about 4p. Went home and saw my kiddos! They wanted me to pick them up so bad. I could not lift anything for a week. After that nothing heavier than them. My grandmother stayed the night.

We all went to moms for Meatloaf and potatos.

We looked at Matts pics and as he just got back from Japan 3 days ago.

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