Friday, September 22, 2006

Where do I begin??

After Austin's Surgery (Saturday) the next day was good they played. Adam and I went to the sale to pick up all the leftover stuff. Adams parents watched the kids while we went. We ate lunch. Got home and played more, took naps...
We all went to Toot's that night because Laura had been really wanting these Fried Pickles since last time they came. It was fun! I do not like Fried Pickles. YUCK....

Sunday we went to church. Came home ate lunch. got Krystals. We hung around the house and played with the kids. We cooked Dinner at home. Adams parents leaving in the morning.

Monday Morning they get all ready to leave. Madison would not let go of Grandma's (wanda-adams mom) Neck she laid on her shoulder for a long time. Finally she looked up and was able to let go so they could leave. They were going to stop at Ruby Falls and look out Mountain.

more to come new post easier to read that way.

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