Friday, September 22, 2006

Not sure where to begin....

I can not even recall what happened the last week in august. Obviously nothing important. That brings me to Labor day weekend.

Friday, nothing really....

Saturday we have a playdate at the Smyrna water splash park, of course it is the first cool day we had! Kids still played. We had a little collision with Austin and one of Kristie's Twin girls. He fell on the concrete on his head and got small minor bump. We left after about 30 min.

We headed to Fayetteville to see my dad and his family.
Pat (dads wife) got the twins a twin jogging stroller! We stayed and played with the cousins.

My kids of course wanted to go outside and look at the cows. That was the only way Austin went to my dad was because he said " wanna go outside". He took Austin to see the cows and get the stroller. Madison, Adam and I followed about 30 min later. We stayed outside playing looking at cows and Austin sitting in dad's Mustang pretending to drive! He was in Heaven.
We went home a little while later.

Sunday Mom had her Labor day barbecue. They cooked barbecue, and hamburgers. Meemaw Poppy, Lenis, carter, Coti, Teresa, Caroline, Ash, Lisa, her kids, Aunt quanita, Denise, Jessica (matt GF), Matts friend Austin, Lisa's two friends, and jared' parents. Everyone brought a side or dessert. I made chocolate bars, ash made potato salad and broccoli cheese casserole. Boy there was a lot of food it was good!

Monday we went to the mall and Sams! Exciting huh!

Some reason my other pics are not showing up. I will post those later

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